The RAA is a joint venture (JV) company dedicated to negotiating and purchasing goods and services on behalf of its Shareholder Members.

The company is equally owned by its 27 Members, all of which are leading independent motor dealer groups spread across the whole of the UK.

The initial concept was developed by 9 of the Member companies and validated by research undertaken by the Cardiff Business School and the International Car Distribution Programme, before its launch in January 2005.

Although each RAA Member is independent, collectively we are a significant player in the market with a combined turnover of £3.47bn. This puts the group 5th in the UK’s Top 10 Car Retailers, giving us considerable purchasing power.

Supply contracts are in place for many aspects of dealer needs from vehicle finance and auction services through to commodities like number plates and oil as well as non-vehicle programmes such as private healthcare and utilities.

If you are interested in becoming an RAA Member or a supplier partner, please contact us.


Our Board

The RAA’s Board is responsible for the overall direction, supervision, and management of the joint venture company. The board is comprised of some of the sector’s leading executives and entrepreneurs.

  • Peter Fleet, RAA Chairman
  • John Matthews, RAA Director
  • David Bussey, Bussey & Sabberton Ltd
  • Russ Day, CEM Day
  • Brian Gilda, Peoples Ltd
  • Nick Payne, Pye Motors
  • Paul Woodhouse, Sandicliffe Limited
  • Peter Vosper, Vospers of Plymouth Ltd

Ben Automotive Industry Charity

The RAA is proud to support Ben, an independent charity and dedicated partner to the automotive industry, providing support for life for its people and their family dependents. Ben is focused on delivering care and support to enable total health and wellbeing through working, and later life.