The Retail Automotive Alliance is a unique joint venture purchasing organisation delivering significant cost savings to our 23 Motor Dealer Group Members.

Founded in 2005, the RAA is equally owned by 23 Shareholders or “Members” and is built on the successful union of like-minded independent business leaders in the UK Motor Trade.

In response to the continual growth and potential dominance of the new and used car markets by the PLCs, the concept of the RAA came from discussions between independent and largely family-owned businesses about getting together to achieve more as a group than can be accomplished individually.

13 years on and tens of millions of pounds saved, the Founding Members are still a cornerstone of the RAA, which continues to attract new Shareholders and more suppliers. With a combined Member turnover of £2.9 billion, the RAA is the 5th largest automotive retailing organisation in the UK.


Our Members employ 7,000 staff and sell 220,000 new and used cars annually.

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Our Members operate over 220 sales and service outlets and 25 motor franchises.

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We form partnerships with suppliers to ensure we have the best products, service, and value.

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